Tomorrow, Palestine, at last recognized in its fundamental rights, will need all the talents of all its young citizens. Working at a better education and knowledge is  essential for building a peaceful development !

How to participate?   HOPE invites you to solidarity with young Palestinians, helping them to study in universities in  Palestine.   Our association finances up to 80% of their tuition fees. You can help by sending money, whatever the amount.   All gifts are added to reach the required grant amounts.   One full yearly grant may amount to € 1,500.


- In Belgium (gifts above 40€/yr are Tax deductible)  and  Other countries : 

  PAYPAL :                            

or    bank transfer to  Bank account : Iban BE45 0015 1107 4989   Bic GEBABEBB

Address : Asbl      Hope, chaussée de Bruxelles, 79, 1490 Court-Saint-Etienne  Belgium                            Mandatory communication : « Hope »