in short « HOPE »


HOPE’s goal is to help Palestinian students in difficult financial situation to pay for their studies in Palestine. HOPE was created after understanding in the field that higher education was dramatically suffering from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.




HOPE works with two universities in Palestine: AAUJ (Jenin, northern Palestine) and Al Quds (Jerusalem).

Partnerships have been established with Palestinian academic authorities through local committees for day to day management. The local committees recommend students to be supported and follow them up on pedagogical and administrative grounds.


How to participate?

HOPE invites you to solidarity with young Palestinians, helping them to study in universities in  Palestine. Our association finances up to 80% of their tuition fees.

You can help by sending money, whatever the amount. All gifts are added to reach the required grant amounts. One full yearly grant may amount to € 1,500.






Sowing hope like planting olive trees


Results achieved ( September 2018) :


35 students currently supported: 

10 at Al Quds University (Abu-Dis, East Jerusalem)

4 at PMRS school for community health workers in Ramallah

3 at Al Kamandjâti school of music in Ramallah and Jenin.

18 at Arab American University in Zababdeh (Jenin)

HOPE supported students usually get above average grades, like A or B+. 

Most frequent studies: Medical Studies, Engineering, Information Technology, Science, Finance, Law, Social Sciences …

Among the first “HOPE” graduates, one has been hired in an Internet site creation company and another one in teaching languages at high school level . 





Here we shall stay. …
If we get thirsty
We’ll squeeze the rocks.
If we get hungry
We’ll eat dirt
And never leave.

Here we have a past …
A present …
And a future

O living roots hold fast
And–still–reach deep in the earth.


Tawfik Zayyad


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